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The Foreseeable Future

Dear Corridor supporters,

Above you should see the cover we commissioned from artist Tyler Crook for the second volume of Corridor. Tyler finished this back in September of 2021, so we’ve been sitting on it for almost a year at this point.

We’re sharing Tyler’s cover with you now for a few reasons. Like us, we know you’re always hungry for new, weird horror art.

Secondly, we’ve decided to put Corridor on hiatus for the foreseeable future until the landscape is a little friendlier to projects like ours. Hopefully in a few months, there will be more stable, alternative options on the table.

Our reasoning for stepping back falls into a few buckets: media landscape, resources, and fulfillment.

It has been an uphill battle with this project, ever since we launched in 2020. While at times this felt personal, it is really because we’re living through a period of immense destabilization right now.

The media landscape is bleak. Crowdfunding isn’t the same as it was when Christian started back in 2010, and there is no viable alternative experience for our minimum budget of $21,000. Similarly, between Twitter’s Elon Musk fiasco and Facebook’s navel-gazing into the metaverse, we can’t rely on social media channels to promote our campaigns either. So while we have looked at other options, none seem to be a good fit for Corridor given our funding goals and overall mission.

On August 30, 2022, we hoped that grant funding would be an alternative funding avenue, but after some research we realized it would be even more work that we don’t have the resources to make happen. Given that Corridor is a three-member team, it became a capacity issue that was unsustainable for our families and careers.

Finally, but just as importantly, fulfillment remains unstable and issues abound. How many times have you heard the phrase “supply chain issues” lately? It’s because the economics of freight transportation are completely upended. (While I thought we were the only ones dealing with this, Christopher Sahlén’s November 2, 2022 update for the immensely popular Cy_Borg and Mörk Borg roleplaying games reported on their own fulfillment nightmare which is eerily similar to issues we have faced.)

Rather than continue to bang our heads against the wall that is capitalist disruption, we’re going to step back and take a breath. Then in about 6 months, we will check out the landscape and see how we can plot and scheme the best way to get more weird horror from your eyeballs into your brains.

In the meantime, look with awe at the cover Tyler Crook created and wonder: What stories might spin out of the prompts he provided us here? – Christian, Mary and Ron

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